The Basics of Bathing Your Cat

The Basics of Bathing Your Cat

One thing about us humans is that we have the great propensity to clean our stuff, and this includes keeping our pets clean and fresh. Of course, who wants to play and cuddle with a stinky pet, right? But while this tends to be an easy job (cleansing and bathing) when it comes to dogs, the case is different for cats.

Yes, it can be frustrating to bathe your cat, and this is primarily because they hate water. Getting wet in water makes them shriek with fright and sometimes your feline friends make it look like they incurred a great deal of trauma. This is of course the last thing you’d want to experience with your cat, so it is best that you learn how to bathe it properly.

Bathing is also a foreign activity for cats, since their nature is to self-groom. They oftentimes lick their fur in order to get rid of the dust and dirt that they have incurred while frolicking throughout the day. And while for them this is already sufficient, for us human owners licking yourself clean can be icky, so we find the urgency to give them a bath.

But how exactly do you bathe your kitty? Here are some quick tips:

  1. Timing is everything. Rather than forcing your cat into a tub of water, you may want to wait until your pet is mellow and kind. Observe the time of the day when the cat is relaxed or isn’t on playing or hunting mode, as this makes it easier for it to submit to a bath.
  2. Groom the claws.

There are cats who really hate bath time, to the point that they scratch onto their owner’s skin while trying to escape the fury of soap and water. To counter this, you may want to clip your cat’s nails first so as to prevent you from incurring scratches while giving them a bath.

In case you don’t want to clip their nails, you may invest on vinyl cat nail caps which you slide over their nails so that once they start scratching, there won’t be bloodshed.

  1. Prepare your paraphernalia.

It can be difficult to bathe your cat when you don’t have your materials ready yet, as you will be holding your pet most of the time. Thus, prior to bathing, you should have already prepared everything you need in the bathing area. These include the water, the tub, the shampoo and soap, towels, brush, and a spray hose. By arranging these things beforehand, you are able to bathe your cat in a more efficient manner.

  1. Start by brushing the fur.

Brushing your cat before bathing also makes the whole cleaning process faster, since it removes the dust, dead hair, mats, and debris. These particles become difficult to remove once the fur is wet, and this in turn prolongs the agony of your cat while in the water.

  1. Only warm water.

Use only warm water when bathing your cat. Warm water helps soften the fur and make your kitty more comfortable compared to cold water, thus they are able to stay calm and relaxed throughout the bathing process. It is also best to keep them in contained bathing areas, such as the sink or bathtub. And yes, when starting the bath, be gentle. Do not ever shock your cat by dousing it with water.

  1. Lather!

Once you have made your cat’s fur wet with water, it’s time to lather it with shampoo. Pour just the right amount of shampoo on your hand and lather it on your cat. Start from the neck then go towards the tail. It is also a must to observe lathering to the direction of hair growth, and avoiding getting water or shampoo on the ears and eyes.

When the cat’s face looks scruffy, wipe it with a piece of warm cloth.

  1. Rinse also with warm water.

After shampooing your cat, it’s time to rinse it with warm water. Take the time to wash the shampoo off your cat and make sure that you are doing your strokes in a gentle and comforting manner. This way, the cat feels more relaxed because it’s as if it is getting a massage rather than a bath.

  1. Towel dry!

Once the bathing process is completed, you should pat the cat dry with a towel. Do pat your cat thoroughly so that the fur becomes completely dry.

  1. Best part: the treat!

Since it takes a lot of effort for cats to submit to a bath, it is downright important that you hand them a treat for their decision to allow you to give them a bath. You can give them some edible treats after the bath, or hand them a toy that they can play with.

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